Real Roses That Last a Year - Preserved Long Lasting Roses

Real Roses That Last a Year - Preserved Long Lasting Roses

Rose arrangements that last up to a year or longer - handcrafted for you to leave a timeless impression. Make a statement with our exquisite long lasting Ecuadorian real roses that bring uniqueness and sophistication to life. Send stunning preserved roses with La Fleur De Luxe to your loved ones, a wife, a husband, a parent or a friend to let them know you remembered their special day.

Gift real roses that last a year from La Fleur De Luxe to impress your loved ones with exquisite luxurious flowers - the most beautiful roses on Earth!

La Fleur De Luxe eternity preserved roses are completely authentic Ecuadorian real flowers that undergo a special preservation process to maintain their beauty in our arrangements. These fresh roses get cut at the stage where they are most radiant. The roses are then treated and conserved in a manner that maintains their freshness and beauty, ready to be part of a beautiful arrangement. The preservation process of our eternity roses helps them last for many years. Eternity roses sometimes are referred to as preserved roses, internal flowers, forever roses, and infinity roses. Read more.

They sure are! Each rose is capable of lasting for a full year as long as they are properly maintained and cared for. In fact, these roses have the potential to last even longer! Having said that, you must follow the care instructions that we provide you with to maintain the eternity roses’ lifespan.

They are as real as it gets! Eternity roses can be described as 100% real Ecuadorian flowers, which are manually picked and preserved. We prioritize quality for each rose that we grow and preserve. In fact, the high quality associated with each flower will impress you!

We think that luxurious roses should mesmerize anybody who sees them. Attention from passersby will be given to the flowers’ superior quality and beauty. To us, eternity roses are a manifestation of quality and beauty. As such, quality and beauty are what underpins each facet of our company. We are committed to providing customers with nothing short of extraordinary arrangements.

The eternity rose that you purchase will come with all that you require, minimizing the amount of maintenance work needed. All you need to do is keep the eternity roses in a place that is cool and dry. Excess humidity and heat should not be in the room that these flowers will stay. Our eternity roses are delicate, so the guidelines that come with them must be followed. That way, the flowers will remain in the condition they come in.

Each rose will retain its natural feel and look for months, as long as some basic rules have been adhered to: no water, zero direct sunlight, minimal touching

Each environment is different, so the eternity roses will respond differently to each of them. Many climates preserve the longevity of a rose, but not all of them. Environmental factors – including humidity, air conditioning, and heating – can impact the roses.

Our eternity roses only get picked when they’re at their fullest bloom, which is when they are freshest. The flowers will then go through a meticulous preservation process. This helps the flowers maintain a very natural feel and look for 12 months or more, assuming they are stored in a suitable setting. Dried flowers do not have this luxury.

The scent of a rose is added to each flower in order to enhance its natural smell. As part of their preservation process, an eternity rose’s natural sent gets “taken” away. Preserved flowers won’t have the exact same scent that they were grown with. Each rose will outlive its scent, meaning it should be enjoyed for as long as it lasts.

You sure can! Browse our vast array of colorful roses. We have extraordinary examples and designs that the flowers can be arranged with. You may be partial to our luxury box selection, which comes in various fabric materials and colors. We also have acrylic and transparent keepsake boxes. For creative guidance, one of our floral specialists will help you put together an eye-catching and gorgeous flower arrangement capable of leaving a long-lasting impression on anybody who sees it.

The answer is no. To optimize the roses’ appearance, you are discouraged from removing them from the box. They’re intended to remain inside the box for the whole arrangement’s lifespan. When each customized rose arrangement is created, the flowers are placed meticulously inside the box. As such, taking the roses out will result in damages, ultimately ruining the arrangement. The box is where they should stay.

Each arrangement will look as close to the image promoted on our site. With that said, roses differ based on bud size, so we can’t always establish the number of roses necessary to fill up a box. Further, the specific color tones that the eternity roses come in we’ll depend on the settings of your monitor (how you see them based on the screen’s settings).

Each color option that we present is developed with a plant-based, non-toxic dyeing process. Each rose is as real as it gets. However, to get an assortment of different colors, “base” flowers will be dyed to match specific hues not long after they are harvested. Metallic colors tend to be done a little bit differently for the sake of producing one-of-a-kind colors.

The eternity roses you purchase will be delivered in top-notch condition, allowing you to make a remarkable impression. Perchance, if you’re not completely satisfied with the roses that you receive, get in touch with us within three days after they arrive. We will do what it takes to rectify the situation for you.

We are situated in the San Francisco Bay area. Each shipment will come from here directly. Keep that in mind whenever an order is placed and when an applicable shipping method is chosen.

Roses are sent by FedEx, and each package will be properly handled during transit. There are a number of different delivery options you can pick from during the checkout stage. Some of them include FedEx nationwide ground shipping, 3-day airmail, 2-day airmail, and 1-day air mail. The deadline for the next day/overnight air service is 2 PM Pacific time.

Our calendar option lets you select a specific delivery date. Choose the date you are comfortable with, and we’ll do all that we can to get your order delivered by that timeframe.

We are not responsible for delivery dates that cannot be realistically met, or for delays that are FedEx-based.