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What Are La Fleur De Luxe Long Lasting Roses?

La Fleur De Luxe roses are 100% Ecuadorian real flowers. Our fresh roses are cut at their most radiant stage and then undergo a preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness for our beautiful arrangements. La Fleur De Luxe preserved roses are natural roses that are carefully preserved using a special proprietary and delicate process to preserve the quality and integrity of each petal which is then dyed with rich vibrant colors keeping its natural beauty. The preservation of each rose allows them to last for years.

YES! Our roses are made to last for a year with proper care and maintenance. With that being said, they can last for a year and even longer! It is really important that you carefully follow our care instructions in order to ensure the lifespan of your La Fleur De Luxe arrangement. The roses will keep their look and feel natural for many months without any maintenance.

YES! La Fleur De Luxe Roses are 100% Ecuadorian real roses which are handpicked to be preserved and are some of the best in the world! The quality of our preserved roses is our highest priority. You will be impressed with the quality of our roses.

Our flowers are picked when they are at their freshest (and fullest bloom) and then undergo a preservation process, which, unlike dried flowers, enables the flowers to maintain a natural appearance and feel for a year (and potentially longer when kept in good conditions).

Yes, all our arrangements have a rose scent. The roses will outlast their scent - so enjoy the scent while it lasts.

Absolutely! We have a wide assortment of rose colors for you to browse, and extraordinary designs and examples that they can be orchestrated in. You may choose from our selection of luxury boxes that come in different colors and fabric material, or our luxurious acrylic clear keepsake boxes. If you need creative direction, our floral specialist can help you create your very own beautiful and eye-catching luxurious flower arrangement that will be sure to leave a timeless impression.

No. For optimal appearance of the roses, customers cannot take the roses out of the box. They are happy in there and meant to stay inside for the entire lifespan of the arrangement. During the creation of each custom rose arrangement, the roses are meticulously placed within the box. Removing the roses will damage them and ruin the arrangement.

We believe extraordinary roses should overwhelm you with their beauty and superior quality. We are dedicated to making La Fleur De Luxe the source of the world’s most extraordinary roses. For us, extraordinary roses are overwhelmingly beautiful and of superior quality. Therefore, beauty and quality underpin every aspect of our business.

We strive to ensure all arrangements delivered are identical to the images advertised on our website. However, roses vary in their bud size, and we are not able to always exactly determine the number of roses required for a rose box. Additionally, the exact color tones of a rose may vary depending on your monitor settings.

Your arrangement will arrive in pristine condition and make an extraordinary impression. If you are not satisfied with your roses for any reason, please contact us within 48 hours of their arrival, and we will work with you to make it right.

Our La Fleur De Luxe roses arrive with everything they need so no maintenance is required. Just keep them in a cool dry place away from excess heat and humidity. Our roses are fragile and our guidelines should be followed to ensure they stay in a good condition.